What we host

Candlelight Collective hosts various groups and events each month! All are free and everyone is welcome, including people of all ages.

Certain groups and events are consistently held. Here is a list of those which are consistent:

  • RECALL group: Every Tuesday@5:30pm. Radical Education for Community Action and Local Liberation (RECALL) is a community-building, skill-share and discussion group. All are invited to teach a skill, facilitate a workshop/discussion, or give a presentation on anything they are passionate about. Get in touch if you’re interested in signing up for an evening next month.
  • Open Mic night: Every third Friday of the month @8:00pm. A night of music, performance, stories, jokes, and poetry.  All are invited to share anything they’d like or just watch. No need to sign up, if you’d like to preform. If you show up and want to play you’re guaranteed that chance, even if time is limited.
  • Yoga: A relaxing beginners yoga class taught by experienced enthusiasts. Please bring your own mat, if you like to use one.

Other groups are not as consistent. For a listing of which groups and events are happening each month, as well as the dates and times for each, please view our current monthly calendar. Here is a running list of groups and events we have hosted, and continue to host:

  • Writer’s Club. A constructive venue for sharing, swapping advice, and editing your writing where you only receive criticism when you ask for it. Also a wonderful time to practice speaking skills. [download flier here]
  • Women’s Group. A group by-and-for women. Discussions, workshops, and potlucks all related to women’s health, liberation, and feminist theory.
  • Book Club. After collectively deciding on a book, members of this club will individually read it front to back, meanwhile meeting together every week or two to check in and discuss a selected range of chapters.
  • Mental Health group. You are not alone! This group, inspried by the The Icarus Project, provides a safe atmosphere for sharing personal stories and struggles and navigating our mental health together as a community of radical-minded people. [download flier here]
  • Knitting Circle. Craft and socialize! Join in on making mittens, scarves, hats, accessories, and more. Beginners welcome.
  • Body & Health group. Personal wellness is intimately tied to the world we live in and choices we all have to make. This group provides a time to learn together about our bodies, health, and that of this culture which is detrimental to it.