Resource Center

Candlelight Collective has many resources available for free use to the public. You can come anytime (we’re open) and use whatever you need for any project. There’s no need to ask for permission. The resource center offers:

Craft/office supplies. Paper, envelopes, markers, tape, stapler, glue, paper-cutter, beads, wire, paint, old books and magazines to cut out of and more!

Computer/printer/typewriter. Unfortunately, no internet yet.

Copy machine. When using, we ask that you donate money for toner.

Sewing machine. With various colors of thread, buttons, and a box of scrap fabric.

Music Instruments. Acoustic guitar, piano.

We also have a lending library, which you can read about here and a bicycle maintenance work-area, which you can read about here.

One response to “Resource Center

  1. this is amazing. I think my heart just got a little bigger. seriously. I am so proud of you guys for making this happen. dang. I just signed up for your email list… please keep me updated! I will come to visit soon… I promise… sometime in April! Keep on keeping on… and let me know if you guys need or want anything from me. I want to get involved… even if it has to be from a distance! much love… sooo much love!