Candlelight Collective is a volunteer-run radical community space located in West Bend, WI.

credit: Jacquelyn Beaupre'

The goal of Candlelight Collective is to be a spark that ignites a strong  and diverse community of mutual-aid. We work together to try and provide an accessible safe(r) space where all (including those of any age, sexual orientation, gender, race, etc.) are welcome and have a voice that is valued. By acting as a host for creative efforts, critical discussion, and healthy activities, we aim to being constructing significant social change within ourselves and the broader community.

credit: Downtown West Bend Association

Inside the space you’ll find and are encouraged to utilize important info,  free items, work-areas, community social space, and more. We  host various programs, groups, and events, meant to give an outlet for important activity and a space to actualize your group ideas.

To learn more about what we offer specifically, please visit the  components page on this website to see specifically what Candlelight Collective offers to the community.